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             My sister, Debbie, and her grandson

My precious sister, Debbie, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having surgery in a couple of weeks.   I haven’t blogged since January, I wasn’t certain whether I wanted to continue blogging or not, but I know there are a lot of  fellow bloggers who believe in the power of prayer so I have decided to blog and ask  for your prayers for my sister.   She is an incredible person, one of the kindest people I’ve ever known.  Her faith is strong and she believes God is in control of her situation, but she needs prayer!   Will you please pray for her?  We would really appreciate your prayers!!

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                             Debbie and me

Thank you for praying!




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In honor of Memorial Day, and all the brave men and women who have lost their lives fighting to protect our country. 

There are no words to express my gratitude for their sacrifice, they gave their all.  I am so thankful that they were willing to fight for our country, to protect the rights and freedoms we take for granted every day.  I can only imagine the grief their families have felt, or are feeling, and tonight I am praying for their loved ones. 

We recently had a young man who lived in our small town lose his life in Iraq.  I was so moved by the show of respect and gratitude our town demonstrated for him.  All flags were lowered to half mast for close to a week, and there were purple ribbons put up all over town to honor this young man.  Many people lined the street holding American flags the day of his funeral,  I hope that in some small way these gestures brought comfort to his family.

My dad fought in World War II, and thankfully he came home safely, but many people didn’t.  My dad didn’t talk much about the war and his experiences, I think it was painful for him to relive that time in his life.  One thing I do remember him telling us about, was how he and the other soldiers gave their food to the local children who didn’t have anything to eat.  They went hungry so the kids didn’t have to, that story has stayed with me always.

No matter what your views are on the war in Iraq, or previous wars, we still need to honor those who serve, or have served, in our Armed Services.

I pray that the rest of your Memorial Day weekend is wonderful, and that you take time to honor those who gave their lives.

Love, Velvia


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A Mother’s Love

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, I want to pay tribute to two very special moms, my mother and my mother-in-law.  These two precious women have helped shape my life, and been wonderful inspirations to me.  They’ve had different roles in my life, but have been equally important in helping me become the woman I am today.

My sweet little mom will be 75 this July, physically she has been facing some battles and has had to slow down quite a bit.  The one battle front she will never retreat from is her prayer life, she is a mighty prayer warrior.   I know that my mom is praying for me and my family daily, as well as each of my siblings and their families.  She prays for our country’s leaders, her pastor and church leaders, her church family, relatives, neighbors, friends, and anyone God lays on her heart.    She is an incredible spiritual role model.

               My sweet mom, Joy

The other wonderful mom in my life is my mother-in-law, for the past 29 years she has been a mentor to me.    I have learned so much from her, one of the most important things was how to stand up for what I believe in and not be afraid to speak my mind when necessary.  She is a very strong woman and that carries over into her faith.  I know that she prays for us daily also.  I am most grateful that she raised her son to be a godly man, because of her influence I am blessed with a wonderful husband who puts God first and his family next.

         My wonderful mother-in-law, Ethel

Both my mother and my mother-in-law are Proverbs 31 women, they are not perfect, but they strive to live a life that pleases God.  They have blessed my life tremendously.

Proverbs 31: 28 – Her children arise and call her blessed…

Have a great night!

Love, Velvia

Prayer Challenge

Lorie over at Encouragement From My Heart is hosting The 31 Days of Prayer Challenge.  We are challenged to pray for our husbands for the next 31 days.  Details are on her site, please go over and check it out.  It’s a great opportunity to invest in our husband’s spiritual life.

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What does it really mean to have a heart for God?  That’s a question I’m pondering tonight.  Do I really have a heart for God, or am I just going through the motions, doing what’s expected of me as a Christian? 

I would like to think that I am totally sold out to Him, and I would be willing to do whatever He asks of me, but, am I really?  What if He asked me to sell all my worldy possessions and give the proceeds to the poor, would I be willing to do that?  How about moving to a third world country and leaving behind my family to become a missionary, is that something I am open to?

The sad fact of the matter is I don’t believe I am prepared to take a step like that,  as terrible as that sounds.   I’m not sure what I would do if God asked me to do something for Him that required a major sacrifice on my part.   I am not proud of myself for feeling this way, but I am being totally honest.

I know that God prepares us for the things He asks us to do for Him, but what about my willingness?  He knows my heart so I can’t pretend I am willing, He knows I’m not.  This is not where I want to be in my relationship with my Heavenly Father at this point in my life, I want to have a heart for Him, a heart that is open and willing to do whatever He asks of me no matter how difficult or how much it costs me personally.

My prayer tonight is this; Father, change my heart and mind, help me to be open to whatever You have for me to do.  Help me to have a heart for You, a heart that is willing to follow wherever You lead, no matter what the cost.

 Have a blessed night and an awesome Sunday!

Love, Velvia

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Yesterday, I came home from church, had lunch, and then as usual I sat down at the computer to work on lesson plans, do research, and study for this week’s homeschooling.  I found a great website that had the information I was looking for, printed it off, and then proceeded to another site.  While I was waiting for the site to download (DSL is not available where we live), I was reviewing the stuff I had already printed off and realized that I had inadvertently missed a page that I needed. 

When I finished with the site I was on, I typed in the address of the website I needed to go back to.  It didn’t come up except as a group of other sites, so I tried again and the same thing happened.  After the third try and getting the same results, I decided to try one of the groupings of sites to see if I could get to the website I needed.  I looked carefully at the names of the sites, chose the one that looked the most harmless and clicked on. 

As I waited for it to download I was reading over some of the things I had printed off and when I looked up, lo and behold, there were very inappropriate pictures on my computer screen.  Needless to say, I clicked away as fast as I could.   I sat there in disbelief, this had never happened to me before.  I have heard all kinds of stories about this sort of thing occurring, but I have tried to be very careful, and had not experienced this.  Granted, it could have been much worse, it was mild compared to some things I’ve heard about from other people, but I was still shocked and dismayed.

Whatever happened to decency?!!  I don’t understand how we have allowed our society to become so perverted that this sort of thing is now prevalent on television, in movies, and on the Internet.  Who are the people that perpetrate such garbage, and why do these young women degrade themselves like that?  I’m sure money is probably one of the main reasons, if not the number one reason.

My heart is broken over these precious lives that are being ruined.   Whether they chose this life for themselves or not, they are God’s creation and He certainly did not intend for them to be exploited like that!  These women are someone’s daughters and granddaughters, sisters, and friends.  They are of value to Him and to those that love them.

I know that I can’t do much about the condition of our world as a whole, but I can do something to change my corner of the world.  I can pray and be open to whatever God has for me to do.  Maybe God allowed this to happen as a wake up call for me, it’s very easy to get caught up in daily life and become complacent about the condition of the world around me. 

 I live a fairly sheltered life by choice because I don’t want to be exposed to such things, but I don’t want to stick my head in the sand and miss opportunities to minister to those that are lost and hurting when God brings them my way.  I want to be open to whatever God has for me to do, to paraphrase Samuel – Speak, Lord, I’m listening!

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“Hypocrites in the Church? Yes, and in the lodge and at the home.  Don’t hunt through the Church for a hypocrite.  Go home and look in the mirror.  Hypocrites?  Yes.  See that you make the number one less.”  – Billy Sunday

This quote was in our church newsletter this morning.  When I read it I was struck by this powerful message.  Our pastor preached a great sermon on an entirely different topic, but this quote keeps coming to mind.  I think God wants my attention! 

 How often have I judged others, when in reality I needed to look in the mirror to see the log in my own eye?  Am I a hypocrite?  Yes, at times I am.  Even though I try to live a life of holiness, there are times when I am prideful and selfish.  I’m not proud of this, but I’m being honest.

I want there to be one less hypocrite in the church, ME!  I pray that God will change me, that He will help me to stop and take a look at my own life when I am tempted to judge others.

I’m interested in your thoughts on this subject.  Please feel free to leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.  Have a great week!

Love, Velvia


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Homeward Bound

We’re heading home to the coast tomorrow morning to visit family, we’re all packed and very excited about the trip. We haven’t been back home since last summer and we’ve really missed seeing our families.  We’ll be celebrating Ashley’s mom’s birthday tomorrow when we arrive.

The weather is supposed to be nice there this week, upper 60’s and lower 70’s, so we will definitely be visiting the beach while we’re there.  I can’t wait to take my shoes off and feel the sand between my toes!  Drama Queen insists she is going to put her feet in the water, but we’ll see if she really will once she realizes how cold the water is this time of year!

I’m anxious to see my mom, she’s been experiencing some health problems the past few months.  She’s 74, so some issues are to be expected, but she has been experiencing stomach pain and the doctors can’t seem to find the cause.  I have been praying for God to reveal to them the source of her pain so they can treat it, or else that He would heal her without medical intervention.  I know He will heal her the way He chooses, but I just wish He would do it quickly,  I hate knowing that she’s in pain.

I spent three hours last night trying to post our family portrait with no luck.  I finally figured out how to get the size right, but then the picture was blurry.  When I get back I am going to do more research on how to post pictures correctly to my blog, and maybe then I will actually be able to do it.  I will be so glad when I can finally share my precious family with you.

I may have a chance to post once or twice while I’m away, but if not, I will post on Monday when we return.  Until then, enjoy the rest of the week and have a great weekend!

God Bless You!

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