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I received my first blogging award, actually I received two, from a precious blogger friend, Lorie, at Encouragement from My Heart.  The first is the Friendship Award, isn’t it adorable? 

And the second one is Sharing the Love, which is something I hope shines through in my blog, the love of our Heavenly Father, as well as love for one another.  I have been so blessed by other sisters in Christ who share their hearts through their blogs, it is my prayer that God is glorified through mine as well.  Thank you Lorie for bestowing this honor on me!

Well, our homeschooling has gotten off to a great start, we’ve had a wonderful first week so far.  I’m so pleased with the progress Drama Queen has made in the past year.  It’s difficult sometimes to measure academic success when you have a child with a learning disability, but as we begin a new school year I can see definite progress was made last year, and more importantly, that she has grown and matured spiritually.  I’m excited about what God has in store for us this school year,  I am determined to let the Holy Spirit be our guide and to not sweat the small stuff. 

I know God wants to work in me as well, He reminded me of this just today as we were making our volcano out of homemade play clay.  As we were molding the clay to form the volcano, I thought of how He wants me to be pliable in His hands so that He can mold me into the woman He wants me to be.   Even though the shaping process is rarely easy or comfortable, there’s no safer place to be than in the hands of the Father.

Have a great Friday!

Love, Velvia


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Back to School

This post will be short and sweet as I’m trying to finish up last minute details to begin homeschooling tomorrow.  Drama Queen and I will be starting a new school year tomorrow, and we’re both excited about it.  I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been enjoying the final days of our summer break and trying to get organized and prepared for school.  I’ve really missed reading my favorite blogs, and as soon as I get my act together I will be stopping by to catch up with each of you.  I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer, and that this school year will be fantastic for both you and your children.

Love, Velvia

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I thought I would post an update on our homeschooling and some of the fun things we’ve been learning lately.  We just finished studying about sound in science and did several fun experiments.  Science is Drama Queen’s favorite subject and experiments make her giddy with excitement!  I’ve been trying very hard to make school more interesting for both of us, I know if I’m bored then she certainly must be.  So, I’ve been spending a lot of time researching online to find hands-on things to make learning something we both look forward to. 


         Can you hear me now?

Here’s Drama Queen with the old fashioned telephone I remember making when I was a kid.  We made one with paper cups and one with styrofoam cups and compared the difference in the sound.  We found that the paper cups reflected the sound, making it easier to hear, and the styrofoam cups absorbed more of the sound, making it more difficult to hear one another talking.

          Whistle while you work!

Drama Queen filled plastic soda bottles with different amounts of water and then blew across each of them to hear the varying pitch each one made.   She journaled her discoveries in her science notebook.


  This was DQ’s favorite experiment.

We made a panpipe from drinking straws and duct tape.  Drama Queen cut the straw to different lengths and then blew across the instrument to hear the low and high pitched sounds the panpipe made.  The sounds were not very strong, but she got the concept, which was all that mattered.

We’re now studying ecosystems in Science and tomorrow we’re taking a field trip in the afternoon to the park to study the ecosystem of the creek that runs through it.  It should be a lot of fun!

Have a great Friday!

Love, Velvia


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Once again, God has humbled me and shown me that He has my life in the palm of His hand, even when I cannot see, or feel Him at work.  He showed me this evening that He is working on my behalf, even though I have not been exercising my faith and trusting Him to do just that.

This has been a tough week for Drama Queen and I in our homeschooling.  She has learning difficulties, so we experience our share of ups and downs, but this week it’s been more down than up.  I posted last night that I thought it was due, in part, to spring fever.  The weather is beginning to warm up and we’ve had a couple of  “not a cloud in the sky” days here.  That seemed a reasonable explanation for her lack of focus and concentration that went beyond the norm for her.

Today, however, I lost sight of that possibility and got angry with her for not paying attention when we were learning.   Honestly, after four days of dealing with this I was ready to pull my hair out.   Of course, I apologized to her for losing my cool, but I felt like a bad mom. 

This evening I took her to dance class and was talking to another mom, J., that I have developed a casual friendship with, and found out that she has been experiencing some difficulty with one of her children (who attends public school) this week also.  We were commiserating with one another when another mom, R.,who doesn’t normally stay during dance class, came in and sat down. 

I have to tell you that at first I was a little bummed because it squelched the conversation, as neither J., nor I felt comfortable continuing the conversation we were having.  And here is where God stepped in and opened my eyes to His mysterious and wonderful ways once again.  We struck up a conversation with R., and guess what, she is a homeschooling mom, and one of her children has learning difficulties also!!   

 We chatted and discovered that neither one of us has had any luck getting connected with a homeschool group in our area.  The ones in our county and nearby counties have disbanded for whatever reason, and are no longer active.  I have just begun searching again for a group to get involved with, and right before I left for dance I received an email from a homeschool group 30 miles away. This would be the closest one to us, and great news,  they are indeed a very active group and open to new members.  I promised to bring R. the information next week at dance class. 

I left dance with a lightened heart, knowing God had sent someone my way who knew exactly what I was experiencing and had been through it herself.    I know I am not alone in this venture,  God is with me always, but it’s nice to have other moms to talk to who understand where you’re coming from.  He brought these two women across my path at just the right time for us to encourage each other.  Don’t we serve an Awesome God?

Have a great night!

Love, Velvia

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I’m Excited!

Well,  it’s back to school for Drama Queen and I tomorrow and I for one am excited, Drama Queen – not so much.  I’m looking forward to a fresh start after the break, a chance to explore new subjects and learn lots of cool things.  We do have a few things to wrap up that we didn’t get to before the break, but then we’ll be on to new and exciting adventures.  I want to take some field trips, we haven’t done very many so far this homeschool year,  and I think we’re both ready to get out and explore the world around us.  It’s such a nice break from the routine to get out of the house and have fun while you’re learning!

One field trip I am going to make sure we go on is a trip to the planetarium.  I had planned for us to go during December, but it just didn’t happen.  It’s a two hour drive unfortunately, but it is well worth it, and the time together in the car will be an excellent chance for one on one with my Drama Queen.  She is such a joy to be with, sometimes I let the stress of teaching a child with learning difficulties get me down, but when I stop to focus on her as a unique individual I’m amazed by how wonderful she really is! 

I pray that the remainder of this school year will be fantastic as we strive to follow God’s leading and honor Him in all we do!

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This morning I woke up at 4:45 am with a serious sinus headache.  I got up to take something for it and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided to wake the dog up and take her out.  The sky was gorgeous, it was so clear and the stars were very visible.  While I was gazing at the sky I witnessed a meteor. 

The Leonid meteor showers were visible this past weekend and Hubby had seen some of the them.  Since we have been studying the stars for the past two weeks in Science, he had taken Drama Queen outside around 9:30 or so on Friday and Saturday night to see if they could see some of the meteors.  Unfortunately, they didn’t see any while they were out, (the showers were best seen after midnight and that’s too late to stay up to watch). 

Well, I got a brilliant idea!  I came back inside and woke up Drama Queen and told her to put on her bathrobe.  I told her it was 5:30 am and we were going outside to watch for meteors, and find some of the constellations that we’d been studying that aren’t visible until after we’ve gone to bed.  Needless to say, she was very confused. But she got up, put on her bathrobe and some shoes, and outside we went.  We found the Big Dipper, which is part of the constellation Ursa Major, Orion the Hunter, and Taurus the Bull.  We found the planet Venus, it was so bright!  We never did see any of the meteor shower, but it was still exciting (at least for me). 

If nothing else, we made a memory.  One she can tell her kids about someday, how her crazy mom made her get up at 5:30 in the morning to look at the stars!!  Well, learning can happen anytime, even at 5:30 am.

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Yesterday was such a perfect day!  We got off to a great start, with Drama Queen and I rising early and making pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. They turned out great and we enjoyed every bite! We got an early start on our schooling and got so much accomplished that I was amazed. I wish every day would go this smoothly, but then I probably wouldn’t appreciate days like that as much if they were a common occurence. Drama Queen was very cooperative and worked really hard. She really put forth her best effort today.

 Our daughter-in-love brought Spiderman and Ladybug over this afternoon for me to watch while she got things ready for her dad’s visit tomorrow.  We had so much fun. They are such incredible kids and I am so amazed by them. They both took great naps and woke up in such happy moods.  Spiderman called me when he woke up and when I went in to check on him  he called me “Nana Banana”. I cracked up! This was the first time he has ever called me that, it was totally out of the blue.  It’s so funny to see an almost three year old being humorous.

After the little ones woke up from their naps we went outside to play.  The weather was perfect, it warmed up to 70 degrees. Ladybug decided to taste the sand in the sandbox and she made the funniest faces. I wish I’d had my camera handy. She learns something new everyday. She has learned that the dog says “wuff, wuff”, the cow says “Ooooo”, and the cat says “Owww”.  It’s adorable!

I started this post last night but got too sleepy to finish, but now I’ve got to go and start our day! Have a great one!

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