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You know how you have those days when all is right with the world, things go smoothly, your heart is at peace, and everything seems to fall into place?  Well, today was one of those days.  I wish I could tell you that I experience wonderful days like today often, but I don’t.  Most days have wonderful moments in them, but you have to deal with the usual hassles of everyday life.  Today, however, was an exceptional day!  I felt God’s peace and His presence with me all throughout the day and I have been so grateful.

I stood at my kitchen sink washing up the lunch dishes and just felt such joy that I began to praise God and thank Him for my blessings.  Spiderman and Ladybug were taking their nap (they stayed with me for a few hours today) and Drama Queen was watching a movie.  It was our last day of Christmas break since we resume our normal homeschool schedule on Monday, and I would normally be feeling stressed knowing I have a lot of planning to get done over the weekend. but I didn’t and it was fantastic!  I was able to just relax and enjoy the day and rest in His peace.  

I think God allowed me to experience today to it’s fullest as a reminder that He wants everyday to be a day in which I put Him first and rest in Him, even the days when things go wrong (which seem to occur a lot, probably because of my attitude).  I pray that He will change my heart and my attitude and help me to be more like Jesus.  I truly want to grow in my walk with Him this year, my desire is to be able to look back at this same time next year and know that He has changed me.

Have a very blessed weekend!


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