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The house is quiet again, Cupcake and Blue Eyes have gone back home, Natalie and Joey came back from their trip to Florida Monday evening with the eight girls they are houseparents for in N.C., and they all spent the night and left out around lunch time yesterday.  Beth is back from her birthday trip to N.Y., so Spiderman and Ladybug are home with their mommy, and Drama Queen and I are recuperating from all the fun we had with them.    And Oh My, what fun we had!! 

On Monday, we had all four of the grandbabies all day, and it was quite an eventful day.  All four of them were up by 6:30 a.m. and ready to rock and roll from the moment they got up.  It went really well for the most part, we did have a few stressful moments when everyone wanted Nana’s attention at once or else they were all fussing with one another, but we survived with Nana’s sanity intact.  With four little ones, 3 1/2 and under, there was never a dull moment, but I enjoyed the time with them, and as soon as I’m rested up I’ll be wishing they were back!  Actually, I do miss them already, I love those little tykes so much, they hold my heartstrings.

Blue Eyes, Spiderman, Cupcake, and Ladybug

Trying to get a picture with all four of them looking at the camera proved to be an impossible task, but I thought this one came out really cute!   Blue Eyes and Ladybug are looking off at something else, and Spiderman and Cupcake are making silly faces at me, but you can still see all of them pretty well.  When I look at their little faces, all is right with the world and I know that I am blessed beyond measure!

Well, I’m off to try and catch up on some of my favorite blogs (it may take me a couple of days), I’ve really missed reading them, and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to.  Have a great night!

Love, Velvia 


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Drama Queen had her dance recital this past Saturday, and it was wonderful!  I only got to see her dance, and the dance of the group of 3 and 4 year olds I had volunteered to help with, but what I did get to see of it was great!  They put on Alice in Wonderland and each dance class took part, they had ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop in the show.  Drama Queen’s class were the Cards and they did a jazz dance to the song Queen of Hearts, they did such a great job and their costumes were really cute.  

Drama Queen having a great time onstage

Unfortunately, the pictures came out a little blurry because of the movement, but I still got some good shots.  I had to take pictures of the dress rehearsal because no cameras were allowed during the actual show.  Drama Queen was a little nervous for both the dress rehearsal and the actual performance, but she did a great job anyway.  It was a good experience for her to perform in front of a crowd and gain some self confidence.

     Watch me dance!

She says she doesn’t think she wants to take dance in the fall,  that she’d rather play basketball, but she may change her mind.  Actually, she could do both even though it would be a little hectic, but I think it would be good for her.  She really did enjoy taking dance this year, and she made some new friends, so it was a good experience for her.  I really hope she’ll decide to stick with it, at least for the next couple of years or so.

Have a great night!

Love, Velvia 

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Last week went by in a blur, it’s hard to believe it’s over and a new week has begun.  Drama Queen was sick for a few days and I was caring for her, and somewhere along the line it feels like I lost a couple of days or so.  I took her to the doctor on Wednesday for her annual check up, she had to have three immunizations which still seems excessive to me, and she had a bad reaction to one or maybe a combination of the shots.

We left the doctor’s office at 12:30 and by 4:30 she had a temperature of 102.6 and was so nauseated she threw up.  She ran a fever for a total of about 48 hours, about 30 of those hours it was over 102.  I realize that sometimes kids have a low grade temperature after their immunizations, but none of my kids including Drama Queen,  ever ran a temp that high or was that sick afterward.  I made several calls to the doctors office over the course of two days and was told that although it’s not common for a child to have such a reaction,  it does happen on occasion.

With all the controversy over immunizations lately and our own recent experience, I have grave concerns about them.  I  know some of them are necessary, but I feel like children are given too many overall, and too many at once.  I am not a doctor, but as a mom and a grandmother, I feel there needs to be more research regarding immunizations and their effects on our children.   Are we doing more harm than good in an effort to protect our kids by giving them every vaccine that doctors decide is necessary?  I refused to let them give Drama Queen the vaccine for the HPV virus, because I don’t think there’s been enough research on the long term effects, and I refuse to let my child be a guinea pig.

This is just my personal rant on this subject, but I’d love to hear your opinions.  Have your children and/or grandchildren or anyone you know, ever had a bad reaction to their immunizations?  I’m curious to know how often this happens, and I’m interested in your thoughts.

Have a blessed night!

Love, Velvia 

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Mistletoe, the Wonder Dog



I’m going to make a confession here that may get me booed out of the blogosphere by animal lovers, but I am not a pet person.  I mean,  I like them well enough, but I can take them or leave them, with the exception of one very special doggie named Mistletoe, a.k.a. Missy. 

Our Westie, Missy, is going on 16 years old, we got her the Christmas that Natalie was 12 and Phillip was 10.  She was their main present that year, and she has been a loyal member of our family ever since.

I’ll never forget going to the pet store with the kids, we really just stopped in to look, not really intending to buy a pet, but when we saw Missy and played with her, we were smitten.  The store owner took her out of her kennel so we could hold her and play with her, then she grabbed the rubber doorstop in her mouth and took off running around the store.  It was hilarious, and we knew right then that she belonged in our family.


 Natalie, Phillip, and Mistletoe (the day we brought her home)

She is an old girl now, she has difficulty seeing and hearing, and she doesn’t get around like she used to.  Although she still has her frisky moments occasionally, especially after a bath,  she spends the majority of her days sleeping in her favorite spots around the house.

She has been a part of our lives for so long that we can’t remember life without her, and we dread the day when she will no longer be with us.  I know it’s wishful thinking given her age, but I hope she will be around for quite a while longer.

I hope you have a great Friday, and an awesome weekend!

Love, Velvia

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Perseverance Pays Off

Well, after weeks (actually more like months) of trying,  I have finally gotten my personal photos posted and they actually look normal.  No more blurry or grainy pictures, or ones where the people in the photo look like their bodies are warped.  I gave up trying to work with the photo editing program on my computer and downloaded one of the programs that WordPress recommends.  For some reason, I kept thinking it was just me and I didn’t know what I was doing, but after spending so much of my time trying to figure things out I realized it wasn’t me,  it was the program.  It just is not capable of doing what I need it to do in order to post pictures to my blog.

I downloaded FastStone and it works like a charm, although I still have a lot to learn about the program, it’s easy to work with (a must for the technically challenged such as myself).  I should have taken Kimmie’s advice a few weeks ago, and gone ahead and tried this, but I truly thought the problem was me, not my editing program.  I am relieved to discover that I am not a total moron when it comes to all things technical!

Now that I am able to, I am going to be an obnoxious Mom/Nana and share lots of photos of my children and grandbabies.  Seriously though,  I love looking at everyone’s family photos on their blogs,  I think it’s a great way to get to know one another better.


Here’s Ladybug cuddling her BunBun (you can see her bruise from a collision with a chair)


Spiderman is making silly faces for Nana (we do whatever we can to get him to look in the general direction of the camera)

 We kept Spiderman and Ladybug for a few hours last evening, while Beth and Phillip had some time to themselves.  They are such incredible kids,  I just love them so much!   Spiderman wanted to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, even though he had watched it earlier in the day,  so we pulled it out and watched it.  I think the snow flurries, combined with the cold temperatures and wind we experienced yesterday, made us long for something to make us feel cozy.  Drama Queen and I had also watched Christmas movies earlier in the day while I caught up on my ironing and she painted some beautiful pictures. 

Ladybug was getting sleepy and a little fussy before her mommy and daddy came back, so she and I went into the bedroom and laid down on the bed to watch a slide show of family photos on the computer.  She was so sweet lying there just looking at the pictures, she would take her pacifier out from time to time and point to the screen and jabber about whoever was in the photo.  We enjoyed snuggling until Beth and Phillip came back to pick them up.

God has blessed me with a wonderful family, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you!

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed week!

Love, Velvia

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