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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about God’s plan for my life at this point in time, it seems as if He has me in a holding pattern for the time being.  I used to think that I always had to be actively pursuing His plan and purpose for my life, that somehow it was my job to make things happen.  But, I’ve learned this isn’t the case, I just have to be obedient and follow His leading. 

My favorite scripture verse is Jeremiah 29:11, ” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (NIV version)   This verse gives me such peace, to know that my Heavenly Father is in control of my life and I don’t have to be.   

 I remember when I first learned this verse years ago, I assumed it meant that God had my life all mapped out and it would be smooth sailing, with everything falling into place according to His plan.   I found out the hard way that my journey has many twists and turns, and what seem to me to be unexpected detours, but my Heavenly Father knows exactly what’s around every bend in the road.  There are no surprises for Him!

So, while I wait on Him to reveal the next step in my journey, I will find the joy in today.  I’ll rejoice in the small, everyday blessings that He brings my way.  I will find the joy in my journey!

Have a great night!

Love, Velvia


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You know how you have those days when all is right with the world, things go smoothly, your heart is at peace, and everything seems to fall into place?  Well, today was one of those days.  I wish I could tell you that I experience wonderful days like today often, but I don’t.  Most days have wonderful moments in them, but you have to deal with the usual hassles of everyday life.  Today, however, was an exceptional day!  I felt God’s peace and His presence with me all throughout the day and I have been so grateful.

I stood at my kitchen sink washing up the lunch dishes and just felt such joy that I began to praise God and thank Him for my blessings.  Spiderman and Ladybug were taking their nap (they stayed with me for a few hours today) and Drama Queen was watching a movie.  It was our last day of Christmas break since we resume our normal homeschool schedule on Monday, and I would normally be feeling stressed knowing I have a lot of planning to get done over the weekend. but I didn’t and it was fantastic!  I was able to just relax and enjoy the day and rest in His peace.  

I think God allowed me to experience today to it’s fullest as a reminder that He wants everyday to be a day in which I put Him first and rest in Him, even the days when things go wrong (which seem to occur a lot, probably because of my attitude).  I pray that He will change my heart and my attitude and help me to be more like Jesus.  I truly want to grow in my walk with Him this year, my desire is to be able to look back at this same time next year and know that He has changed me.

Have a very blessed weekend!

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It’s so difficult to believe that another year has ended and a new one has begun.  I keep wondering what happened to the past year, how did it go by so fast?  I remember my parents telling me when I was young that the older I got the faster time would pass and I thought “Yeah right!”, but you know what, they were right after all, as parents usually are.  The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas flew by so quickly, it seemed like it was just a few days instead of a few weeks.  The holidays were wonderful though, filled with family, friends, food (too much!), and lots of love and laughter. 

I am dreading tomorrow and having to pack away the Christmas decorations, it always makes me feel a little blue.  But, before you know it we’ll be celebrating another Christmas and wondering how 2008 could possibly be over.  I suppose that it’s a little premature to speculate about this new year passing as speedily as 2007 did, but if the past few years are any indication of how fast time marches on I feel sure 2008 will be no exception. 

I pray that I will make the most of this new year, that I will allow God to do whatever He wants to do in my life and that He will continue to change me into the woman He wants me to become.  I am so far from being where I need to be in my walk with Him, the closer I get to Him the further I realize I have to go.  This spiritual journey I am on will never be completed until I see Him face to face.  I pray that He will help me to stay faithful until that day, and that I will find joy in the journey and be a blessing in the lives of everyone He places around me.  

Happy New Year!

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I haven’t had a chance to post lately, I’ve been busy with all the usual holiday activities, and honestly I really haven’t wanted to take the time to blog.  I want to soak up all the joy that the Christmas season brings, and to reflect on why we celebrate.  This year I don’t want to let myself get so caught up in all the busyness that I don’t take time to be alone with God. 

 I found myself outside looking at the stars a couple of nights ago, and I was reminded of the Christmas when I was 15.  I remember very clearly feeling  out of sorts and wishing I was little again and still believed in Santa.  The magic of Christmas was missing!  I went outside and was looking up at the stars wishing I could feel the way I had felt when I was a child.  I couldn’t understand what was missing, why did I feel so empty?  As I stood there looking at the stars,  I realized that the reason I felt such a void was because I had left Jesus out of my celebration of Christmas. 

 I wish I could say that I made a commitment right then and there to put Him first and that I had always tried to keep that commitment, but unfortunately, I was much older when I realized that even though Jesus Christ was my Savior, He wasn’t the Lord of my life.  Fortunately, that changed about 16 years ago and I have tried to keep Christ the center of my life ever since!  Everyday, especially Christmas, is sweeter with Him as the focus.

This was not at all what I had intended to post tonight, but for some reason this is what I feel led to post.  I was going to post about taking Cupcake and Blue Eyes to have their picture made with Santa, but I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. 

I pray that we may all make room for Christ as the focus of our Christmas celebration, and that His peace and joy permeates every aspect of our lives this holiday season.  Merry Christmas!

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