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If you’re the kind of person who finds photos of other people’s kids and/or grandkids boring, you may want to click away now!  I am a proud Mom/Nana who loves to share pictures of my family, especially my precious grandbabies.  I love looking at family pictures, no matter whose they are, but I know not everyone feels that way and I understand that,  so I’m warning you now this is going to get sappy!


          Too cute for words!

Drama Queen took this picture of Ladybug after she had put her hair up in a ponytail.  It’s a little blurry, but you can see how adorable she is!  Drama Queen told her to pose and this is what she did, it’s just too cute.


                 Our Little Professor

Here’s Spiderman playing computer games, he’s really gotten very good at them.  I’m amazed at how computer literate he is already at the age of four, he’s going to soon be able to teach his Nana a thing or two about computers.



Here’s Ladybug working on an art project and finishing her lollipop.  I couldn’t get Spiderman to look at the camera and she piped up and said “Take my picture”, so of course, I did!


                 Look at that dimple!

It’s been too cold here lately to play outside, so when Beth and the little ones come over on Wednesdays we’ve had to find fun things to do inside.  I love doing arts and crafts with them, so we pulled out the glitter glue and had a ball.  Here’s Spiderman working on his masterpiece.


        Papa’s joining in the fun after work

Here’s Papa giving the kids a ride on his back, they were playing dinosaur and having a grand old time as you can see by the look on their faces.  We look forward to Wednesdays when we get together as a family and spend time together, it’s the highlight of our week.


                      Hang on Ladybug!

In this photo Spiderman is doing a fantastic job as a dinosaur, complete with the scary roar.  Poor Ladybug was slipping off, but it didn’t seem to bother her at all. 

Thanks for letting me share my photos, these are precious memories we’re making and I want to record as many as I can.

Have a great night!

Love, Velvia


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I don’t have much time to blog tonight, I’m working on our homeschool lesson plans, so I decided to post a few recent photos of my sweet little munchkins.  Since this is Thanksgiving month I’m going to focus most, if not all my posts on things I’m grateful for, so here are four of my most precious blessings!

                   Blue Eyes – Cheese!

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago when Cupcake and Blue Eyes stayed with us for several days while Natalie and Joey took the girls in their care camping.   Isn’t he sweet?  I love the way the sun is reflecting off his blond hair, it makes him look angelic (which he is— most of the time).

            Cupcake – Too cute for words!

Another one of the photos I took during their visit.  I  think she looks more like Natalie the older she gets, she has Joey’s coloring and his disposition, but she reminds me so much of Natalie when I look in those big brown eyes.   I think the expression on her face is so precious!

          Ladybug – I stuck my finger in a light socket!

I took this photo of Ladybug last week while she was jumping on the trampoline, the static electricity had her hair standing on end!  I love this picture, but the sad part was every time I touched her I shocked her and she looked at me as if to say “Nana, why did you do that?”  She’s such a little doll!

           Spiderman – You’re the Man!!

What a cute little guy!  If you look at his neck you’ll see his vein popping out, when he’s angry or upset it looks like it will pop right out of his skin.  My son Phillip and I share this trait with Spiderman so I guess it’s genetic, although I don’t think ours is quite as pronounced as Spiderman’s. 

Well, that’s my post for this evening, I’m off to finish lesson plans and to prepare for this week of homeschool.  I hope everyone has a great week this week.  Don’t forget to vote!!

Love, Velvia

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It’s really hard to believe that November has arrived, what happened to September and October?  They flew by in a blur, as most months seem to do now.  I guess it’s because I’m getting older but the weeks fly by like days, and months like weeks.  Ah well, another Halloween has come and gone and before you know it we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving.  I love this time of year, the cooler weather, the beautiful colors that God has painted the landscape with, and the anticipation of the holidays.  I have so much to be thankful for, God has been so good to us and I’m grateful for the opportunity to express my gratefulness always but especially during this month.

I want to share three of my most precious blessings, Spiderman, Ladybug, and Drama Queen all decked out for trick or treating last night.  We had pizza together before Ashley and Drama Queen, and Phillip, Beth, and the little ones went around the neighborhood to get candy.  I stayed home to pass out the candy to the kids that came to our house.  I think everyone had a great time, the kids got lots of chocolate so the adults get to share in the loot!

   Ladybug and Spiderman ready to go!

They looked so cute and were so excited about going out to get candy.  Little Miss Ladybug got tired so Beth brought her back to the house and the others went back out to finish up.  Spiderman told Beth “I’m ready for the next level of trick or treating”, meaning he’s big enough to go to more houses now.

                     Too cute!!

                Tough Guy!!

Well fiddledeedee! (Our own Scarlet O’Hara)

Drama Queen changed her mind yesterday afternoon about what costume she wanted to wear.  I had put together a scarecrow costume for her to wear at her request, but at the last minute (almost!), she decided to wear her Scarlet O’Hara costume from two years ago.  Thankfully, it still fit, all I had to do was let the hem out.  To her credit she did wear the scarecrow costume to the Girl Scout party earlier in the week, so my effort wasn’t in vain.

The only thing that would have made the evening better is if Natalie, Joey, Cupcake, and Blue Eyes had been here with us.  Natalie is going to email me pictures of their little ones dressed up, so I’ll post those as soon as she sends them.

Well, I’m off to iron our clothes for church tomorrow, have a wonderful Sunday!

Love, Velvia

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 It’s time to play catch up with my blogging, I’m posting about an event from last Saturday, but we had so much fun and I got some great pictures so I decided to post about it even though it’s a week late. 

 Drama Queen and I met Phillip, Beth, Spiderman, and Ladybug at a fall festival in a nearby town.   One of my favorite things about Fall is attending the different festivals in our area.  This was our first year to attend this particular one and it didn’t disappoint us, we had a great time!  

We watched the parade first, there were antique and vintage cars, vintage tractors, local boy scout troops, a local dance studio’s students performing, floats from local churches, horses pulling buggies, and of course, a fire truck!  I didn’t take many pictures of the parade, I guess because I was too busy enjoying myself I forgot to.    Here are some pictures of us waiting on the parade to start.  

Beth with Ladybug who’s in deep thought

Spiderman had the best view of all – Daddy’s shoulders


              Nana and her babies

               I love a parade!

     I’m ready for Mardi Gras!

One of the floats was throwing Mardi Gras type beads to the crowd, we caught several strands and these huge pink ones are the ones Spiderman wanted to wear.  This particular strand of beads was heavy, I’m surprised he wore them as long as he did.

                Watch me slide!

After the parade we had lunch and then walked around to some of the craft booths, then we took the little guys over to the playground where they had a great time.  Here Ladybug is getting ready to slide after having climbed up the ladder at least four feet by herself.  She would not let Phillip give her a hand up, she wanted to do it all by herself.

          Finally, lunch time!

Here’s Drama Queen enjoying her lunch of Polish sausage, I caught her mid-chew.   She enjoyed herself, but she was looking forward to leaving the festival to go look at puppies.   This was the same day we got our new puppy, Oreo. 

I’m looking forward to the next festival and of course to our annual trip to the Pumpkin Farm.  Fall is such an awesome time of year, there are so many fun activities to participate in and of course the beautiful weather makes them even more enjoyable.

Well, I’m off to bed, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Love, Velvia

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Sharing Family Photos

One of my favorite pastimes is scrapbooking and looking at our family photos.  Since I started blogging last November I haven’t spent much time on my scrapbooks, but I do feel as though my blog is a scrapbook of sorts.  I share family photos and activities, and tonight’s post is one of those entries. 

Natalie and Joey are here with their little ones, Cupcake and Blue Eyes.  They came down yesterday afternoon and we were all together as a family, hanging out, playing with the kids, and having dinner together.  They are spending the nights with Joey’s parents ( I guess we do have to share them, sigh!), but they are coming in the morning for breakfast before they head back to N.C.  We had a lot of fun yesterday, so I wanted to share a few of the photos of our time together.

             Ladybug in the pool


   Blue Eyes, after helping Papa work on the lawnmower

                              Need a push ?

 Whee! Cupcake and Spiderman splashing

          Cupcake in midair

      Spiderman – He’s flying!

Drama Queen erupting her volcano with a little help from big sister, Natalie

Natalie, Joey, Beth, and Phillip, we’re so proud of them!!

        Goofy Guys ( I just had to post this one!)

I know that I post all the time about how much I love my family and how wonderful they are, but it’s true!  I always knew from a very young age that no matter what else I did in life, I wanted to be a wife and mother more than anything.  I believe God placed that desire in my heart, I don’t have any special gifts or talents to speak of, but I love being a wife to my hubby, a mom to my kids, and Nana to my grandkids.  Nothing brings me greater joy than serving God by taking care of my family.  It’s corny to some I’m sure, but to me it’s the best life I could have.

Have a great night!

Love, Velvia

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Although it is actually Thursday, I’m posting about our fun filled Wednesdays, that’s the day we spend with Beth, Spiderman, and Ladybug each week.  They come over around lunchtime and we have lunch together, play with the little guys, then the munchkins go down for their naps, and Beth, Drama Queen, and I hang out until they wake up.  When Spiderman and Ladybug get up from their naps we go out to play (if it’s not too hot) and then we all have dinner together in the evening after Ashley and Phillip get off from work.   We spend the rest of the evening together until it’s time for Phillip and Beth to take Spiderman and Ladybug home for their bedtime.

This is the highlight of the week for Ashley and me, spending quality time together as a family. The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is not having Natalie, Joey, Cupcake, and Blue Eyes here too. But, the Lord is using them in N.C. to minister to the girls in their care, so we have to be unselfish and just enjoy them when they are able to come down. 

I took some really cute pictures of Spiderman and Ladybug yesterday, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you.  They are such a delight to be with,   they are both at such adorable ages and they say and do the cutest things, but I’m their Nana so I suppose I’m just a little bit partial.

                  Cutie Pies

                Enjoying a good book     

             Snuggling after bathtime

I look forward to our Wednesdays together, the little ones are growing so quickly and I want to treasure every moment with them that I can. 

Side Note:  I wanted to share another of my summer projects that I’ve finished.  We made these plaster handprints of all the grandkids back in April, and I finally got around to painting them and hanging them in the nursery. (I guess I should start referring to it as the grandkids room instead of the nursery since they really aren’t little babies anymore.)   I think they turned out really cute, I wrote the date on the back so I’ll always remember what their little hands looked like at these ages. 

Spiderman, Cupcake, Blue Eyes, and Ladybug’s handprints

I hope you have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend!

Love, Velvia

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Our precious little Ladybug fell Wednesday night while they were over at our house for dinner, she hit her eye on our coffee table and the poor little thing ended up with a black eye!  Talk about breaking your heart, we were all traumatized, praise God it wasn’t any worse and she is going to be fine.  But, it’s so sad to see her sweet little face with her eye all black and blue.  Beth emailed me this picture yesterday,  you can see how pitiful she looks below, but she’s such a trouper it hasn’t slowed her down a bit.

                Ladybug’s Boo Boo

Ashley was off today, so we took Drama Queen, Spiderman, and Ladybug to Chuckie Cheese’s for a couple of hours of fun.  We all had a blast, the kids played games and rode the little rides, and we had lunch.  They were so excited to be there, as soon as we arrived Ladybug had to get down and dance, and Spiderman couldn’t wait to play the games, he’s getting quite good at them.  Phillip, Beth, and the little ones are leaving for the beach tomorrow and will be gone for a week, so we enjoyed the time spent with the grandbabies before they leave for vacation.

   Spiderman and Chuckie Cheese

                   I bopped it!


       Ladybug, the Dancing Queen!

Watch out Jeff Gordon, Drama Queen’s behind the wheel!

Even though Drama Queen is growing up, she still enjoys going to Chuckie Cheese’s.  In fact, it was her idea.  She loves getting the tickets from the games and getting a prize with them.  I love it that she still has a lot of little girl left in her, I don’t want her growing up too fast! 

My favorite pasttime is spending time with my family, and today was so much fun,  I feel so blessed!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Velvia

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