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I’m a little early wishing you a Happy New Year, but since I haven’t blogged at all over the holidays I decided to get a jump on 2009.   My family and I have had a wonderful holiday season.  We were fortunate to have Ashley’s parents, and his sister and her son here for Thanksgiving, along with all our children and grandchildren.   

We were also able to get together for Christmas with our children and grandchildren.   Natalie, Joey, Cupcake, and Blue Eyes came down on Tuesday and stayed until Friday morning (they spent Christmas Eve with Joey’s parents).  Phillip, Beth, Spiderman, and Ladybug  joined us for dinner Tuesday night as well as Christmas morning for brunch.  It was more than wonderful,  I marvel  every time we are all together at God’s goodness to our family. 

We were also blessed to have not only our immediate family here Tuesday night for dinner, but to also have Drama Queen’s birth mom and sisters with us as well.  Her sister Hillary, came down and stayed with us Monday through Wednesday, and then Marcie (her birth mom), and her sister Holly, came down early afternoon on Tuesday.  They exchanged gifts and spent family time together, and then stayed and had dinner with us.  It was so much fun, it was great to celebrate the wonder of the season with the people we love.   I’ll try to post pictures tomorrow!

I’m looking forward to a wonderful year in 2009, despite the economic and other uncertainties we face as a nation, I know that God is in control and no matter what the future holds, I know He holds the future!  I pray you have a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!

God Bless!



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It’s really hard to believe that November has arrived, what happened to September and October?  They flew by in a blur, as most months seem to do now.  I guess it’s because I’m getting older but the weeks fly by like days, and months like weeks.  Ah well, another Halloween has come and gone and before you know it we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving.  I love this time of year, the cooler weather, the beautiful colors that God has painted the landscape with, and the anticipation of the holidays.  I have so much to be thankful for, God has been so good to us and I’m grateful for the opportunity to express my gratefulness always but especially during this month.

I want to share three of my most precious blessings, Spiderman, Ladybug, and Drama Queen all decked out for trick or treating last night.  We had pizza together before Ashley and Drama Queen, and Phillip, Beth, and the little ones went around the neighborhood to get candy.  I stayed home to pass out the candy to the kids that came to our house.  I think everyone had a great time, the kids got lots of chocolate so the adults get to share in the loot!

   Ladybug and Spiderman ready to go!

They looked so cute and were so excited about going out to get candy.  Little Miss Ladybug got tired so Beth brought her back to the house and the others went back out to finish up.  Spiderman told Beth “I’m ready for the next level of trick or treating”, meaning he’s big enough to go to more houses now.

                     Too cute!!

                Tough Guy!!

Well fiddledeedee! (Our own Scarlet O’Hara)

Drama Queen changed her mind yesterday afternoon about what costume she wanted to wear.  I had put together a scarecrow costume for her to wear at her request, but at the last minute (almost!), she decided to wear her Scarlet O’Hara costume from two years ago.  Thankfully, it still fit, all I had to do was let the hem out.  To her credit she did wear the scarecrow costume to the Girl Scout party earlier in the week, so my effort wasn’t in vain.

The only thing that would have made the evening better is if Natalie, Joey, Cupcake, and Blue Eyes had been here with us.  Natalie is going to email me pictures of their little ones dressed up, so I’ll post those as soon as she sends them.

Well, I’m off to iron our clothes for church tomorrow, have a wonderful Sunday!

Love, Velvia

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 It’s time to play catch up with my blogging, I’m posting about an event from last Saturday, but we had so much fun and I got some great pictures so I decided to post about it even though it’s a week late. 

 Drama Queen and I met Phillip, Beth, Spiderman, and Ladybug at a fall festival in a nearby town.   One of my favorite things about Fall is attending the different festivals in our area.  This was our first year to attend this particular one and it didn’t disappoint us, we had a great time!  

We watched the parade first, there were antique and vintage cars, vintage tractors, local boy scout troops, a local dance studio’s students performing, floats from local churches, horses pulling buggies, and of course, a fire truck!  I didn’t take many pictures of the parade, I guess because I was too busy enjoying myself I forgot to.    Here are some pictures of us waiting on the parade to start.  

Beth with Ladybug who’s in deep thought

Spiderman had the best view of all – Daddy’s shoulders


              Nana and her babies

               I love a parade!

     I’m ready for Mardi Gras!

One of the floats was throwing Mardi Gras type beads to the crowd, we caught several strands and these huge pink ones are the ones Spiderman wanted to wear.  This particular strand of beads was heavy, I’m surprised he wore them as long as he did.

                Watch me slide!

After the parade we had lunch and then walked around to some of the craft booths, then we took the little guys over to the playground where they had a great time.  Here Ladybug is getting ready to slide after having climbed up the ladder at least four feet by herself.  She would not let Phillip give her a hand up, she wanted to do it all by herself.

          Finally, lunch time!

Here’s Drama Queen enjoying her lunch of Polish sausage, I caught her mid-chew.   She enjoyed herself, but she was looking forward to leaving the festival to go look at puppies.   This was the same day we got our new puppy, Oreo. 

I’m looking forward to the next festival and of course to our annual trip to the Pumpkin Farm.  Fall is such an awesome time of year, there are so many fun activities to participate in and of course the beautiful weather makes them even more enjoyable.

Well, I’m off to bed, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Love, Velvia

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Labor Day Fun

What a great family day we had today!  Ashley, Drama Queen, and I drove up to the town where we used to live (it’s an hour north of here) and went bowling.  The town has a very nice bowling alley/skating rink that was built a few years before we moved away and it’s very clean and has a great family atmosphere.  We bowled two games and I had the lowest score both times, I’m too embarrassed to tell you what my scores were,  let’s just say I bowl like a girl (a little girl at that!).  I forgot my camera so I have no pictures to share, what a bummer.

When we finished our games, Drama Queen skated for over an hour.  Ashley and I decided to just watch since neither of us has skated in quite a while and we didn’t want to risk injuring ourselves.  It’s a lot harder and more embarrassing to pick yourself up off the floor when you’re our age!

Afterward, we met our best friends, James and Deena, at their furniture/appliance store, they closed early for the holiday, and then we drove to a nearby town for an early dinner.  We laughed and talked and caught up with each others lives,  I love that even though we only see each other every few months, we pick up right where we left off. 

We’ve been friends since high school and they have been instrumental in our lives in so many ways.  In fact, God used them to lead us to move to Georgia.  They had moved the year before, and when we came to visit them in January of 1996 we knew God was leading us to move, we just didn’t know where at the time.  But, after visiting them we knew it was God’s will for us to move to Ga.  So, here we are twelve years later and although we did move an hour south three years ago to be closer to our grown children and grandchildren, we have remained just as close to them as ever.  We are very blessed to have them for friends.

How did you spend your Labor Day?  I hope you had a wonderful day, and have a great night!

Love, Velvia

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I find it hard to blog lately,  I’ve been enjoying the relaxed, unhurried days of summer.  Not having to do lesson plans, research, or studying for homeschooling, and being able to read books just for fun when we go to the pool or in the evenings after dinner has made me lazy when it comes to blogging.  Not that I don’t enjoy it, I do, but there are so many other things I want to do instead.  This cute image was on my Mary Engelbreit calendar a few days ago and it fits perfectly with my summer state of mind.  I had to scan it on my computer so the image in a little fuzzy, but you get the idea. 

I’ve been trying to get some projects done that I haven’t had time to get to before, I made a couple of wreaths and a picture frame from shells that I’ve collected over the years.  I had a huge bag of shells that I wanted to do something with so I filled a hurricane jar with some for my kitchen table, and then made a wreath for my kitchen and bathroom, and a picture frame that I put on the antique sideboard in my dining room.  I was very pleased with the results because it reminds me of the beach which I love, and makes me feel summery (is that actually a word?) every time I look a them. 

This frame took quite a while to make because it was trial and error, but I finally finished it.  I found a wooden frame at the thrift store for fifty cents, sanded it down, and painted it with off white acrylic paint mixed with sandbox sand.  I let it dry overnight, then painted it again with the off white paint and sprinkled sand all over it while the paint was still dry.  When it was completely dry, I glued the seashells on and sprayed it with hairspray (that’s all I had on hand) to keep the sand intact.  I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

These are the wreaths I made, the top one is smaller although you can’t really tell from the pictures, and it hangs in my kitchen.  The bottom one I hung in my bathroom.  These wreaths make me smile every time I look at them, because they evoke great memories from trips to the beach.  I really enjoy doing these kinds of crafts, although I’m not very creative, it’s still a lot of fun.

Well, I’m going to indulge in one of my favorite pasttimes, reading, before I turn in for the night.  I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Velvia

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I want to wish a Happy Birthday to two very special people, my precious Mom and our good friend Rod,  they are both 75 years old this week.  Since my mom lives five hours away I was unable to be with her for this momentous occasion, seventy five years of a good life is truly reason to celebrate, and I would have loved to have been with her on her birthday.  But, with gas prices so exorbitant I just had to settle for a phone call.

                Happy Birthday Mom!       

We were able, however, to spend an evening with our friends Rod and Mia, they came over for dinner last night and we celebrated Rod’s birthday.   God brought Rod and Mia into our lives and we’re so grateful, they are the sweetest, kindest people you’d ever want to meet.  We feel so blessed to call them our friends,  Rod is quiet and introspective, and Mia is full of life and very outgoing, they complement each other perfectly.  We enjoyed sharing a meal and fellowship with them, and look forward to spending more time with them in the future.

Rod getting ready to blow out his candle

                             Mia and Rod

Last Thursday when we went over for Drama Queen’s art class with Mia,  we worked on a scarecrow that Mia had been asked to make for a nearby town’s Fall Festival in September.  The town has been sponsoring a scarecrow making contest for the past couple of years and this year they are attempting to break the world record for the most scarecrows in one place at the same time.  The current record is 3,311 and the town’s goal is 4,000,  if they break the record they will be in the Guinness Book of World Records.  We spent about three hours on it,  you can see how creative Mia is, I think it came out really cute.  It was so much fun making it, we laughed so hard sometimes we could hardly work on it.   

               Our Silly Scarecrow

I am grateful for new friends and the opportunity to spend time with them getting to know them better.

I hope you have a wonderful evening!

Love, Velvia

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I think we have our blurriness problem resolved so I’m posting pictures again, hopefully they will not appear blurry to you when you view them.  I mentioned last night that we had helped our friend Mia with her booth at a local Arts and Crafts fair on Saturday and I wanted to post a couple of pictures from the event.  Here are Drama Queen and Mia in her booth, we had a great time and enjoyed spending the day with Mia, she is so much fun to be around.  She is full of life and one of the most positive people I’ve ever met, I’m truly grateful that God has made us friends.  Drama Queen loves her too, and looks forward to art class at Mama Mia’s every Thursday.

          Drama Queen and Mama Mia

They had a face painting booth and Mia treated Drama Queen to having her face painted, the artist who did it was very talented as you can see by the beautiful butterfly on DQ’s face.  She even touched up DQ’s face before we left that evening as it had smeared a little from the heat.  By the time it was over we were all pretty worn out, but we’re already looking forward to the next show.

             My Beautiful Girl

After we unloaded everything and dropped Mia off, we raced home to get cleaned up and pick up Ashley to head out to our town’s annual Freedom Fest.  Every year on the Saturday before the Fourth of July, our town has a celebration in the town square.  There’s a live band, games for the kids, and of course fireworks as soon as it’s dark enough.  We met Beth, Phillip, and the kids there, along with Beth’s mom, Gail (Gigi to Spiderman and Ladybug), and Beth’s younger brother, Rob. 

Spiderman showing his patriotic spirit!

Everyone had a great time, Spiderman and Ladybug enjoyed the games, Ladybug got three rings on the ring toss (with no help from anyone), more than anyone the whole evening and she’s only 20 months old, way to go!  Spiderman was very brave, he slid down the giant slide with Drama Queen and came down with a big grin on his face.

Beth and Ladybug dancing to the music

Phillip and Ladybug at the Ring Toss

The Freedom Fest has become a family tradition for us since we moved here three years ago, we all enjoy it and look forward to it.  The best part is being together and celebrating our country’s birthday.  I love the fireworks at the end of the evening, I still feel like a kid watching them, they’re so beautiful.  A couple of the pictures I took of them came out O.K.,  so maybe I’ll post those tomorrow night.  Well, I’m off to bed, have a restful night!

Love, Velvia

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