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Labor Day Fun

What a great family day we had today!  Ashley, Drama Queen, and I drove up to the town where we used to live (it’s an hour north of here) and went bowling.  The town has a very nice bowling alley/skating rink that was built a few years before we moved away and it’s very clean and has a great family atmosphere.  We bowled two games and I had the lowest score both times, I’m too embarrassed to tell you what my scores were,  let’s just say I bowl like a girl (a little girl at that!).  I forgot my camera so I have no pictures to share, what a bummer.

When we finished our games, Drama Queen skated for over an hour.  Ashley and I decided to just watch since neither of us has skated in quite a while and we didn’t want to risk injuring ourselves.  It’s a lot harder and more embarrassing to pick yourself up off the floor when you’re our age!

Afterward, we met our best friends, James and Deena, at their furniture/appliance store, they closed early for the holiday, and then we drove to a nearby town for an early dinner.  We laughed and talked and caught up with each others lives,  I love that even though we only see each other every few months, we pick up right where we left off. 

We’ve been friends since high school and they have been instrumental in our lives in so many ways.  In fact, God used them to lead us to move to Georgia.  They had moved the year before, and when we came to visit them in January of 1996 we knew God was leading us to move, we just didn’t know where at the time.  But, after visiting them we knew it was God’s will for us to move to Ga.  So, here we are twelve years later and although we did move an hour south three years ago to be closer to our grown children and grandchildren, we have remained just as close to them as ever.  We are very blessed to have them for friends.

How did you spend your Labor Day?  I hope you had a wonderful day, and have a great night!

Love, Velvia


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I received my first blogging award, actually I received two, from a precious blogger friend, Lorie, at Encouragement from My Heart.  The first is the Friendship Award, isn’t it adorable? 

And the second one is Sharing the Love, which is something I hope shines through in my blog, the love of our Heavenly Father, as well as love for one another.  I have been so blessed by other sisters in Christ who share their hearts through their blogs, it is my prayer that God is glorified through mine as well.  Thank you Lorie for bestowing this honor on me!

Well, our homeschooling has gotten off to a great start, we’ve had a wonderful first week so far.  I’m so pleased with the progress Drama Queen has made in the past year.  It’s difficult sometimes to measure academic success when you have a child with a learning disability, but as we begin a new school year I can see definite progress was made last year, and more importantly, that she has grown and matured spiritually.  I’m excited about what God has in store for us this school year,  I am determined to let the Holy Spirit be our guide and to not sweat the small stuff. 

I know God wants to work in me as well, He reminded me of this just today as we were making our volcano out of homemade play clay.  As we were molding the clay to form the volcano, I thought of how He wants me to be pliable in His hands so that He can mold me into the woman He wants me to be.   Even though the shaping process is rarely easy or comfortable, there’s no safer place to be than in the hands of the Father.

Have a great Friday!

Love, Velvia

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I want to wish a Happy Birthday to two very special people, my precious Mom and our good friend Rod,  they are both 75 years old this week.  Since my mom lives five hours away I was unable to be with her for this momentous occasion, seventy five years of a good life is truly reason to celebrate, and I would have loved to have been with her on her birthday.  But, with gas prices so exorbitant I just had to settle for a phone call.

                Happy Birthday Mom!       

We were able, however, to spend an evening with our friends Rod and Mia, they came over for dinner last night and we celebrated Rod’s birthday.   God brought Rod and Mia into our lives and we’re so grateful, they are the sweetest, kindest people you’d ever want to meet.  We feel so blessed to call them our friends,  Rod is quiet and introspective, and Mia is full of life and very outgoing, they complement each other perfectly.  We enjoyed sharing a meal and fellowship with them, and look forward to spending more time with them in the future.

Rod getting ready to blow out his candle

                             Mia and Rod

Last Thursday when we went over for Drama Queen’s art class with Mia,  we worked on a scarecrow that Mia had been asked to make for a nearby town’s Fall Festival in September.  The town has been sponsoring a scarecrow making contest for the past couple of years and this year they are attempting to break the world record for the most scarecrows in one place at the same time.  The current record is 3,311 and the town’s goal is 4,000,  if they break the record they will be in the Guinness Book of World Records.  We spent about three hours on it,  you can see how creative Mia is, I think it came out really cute.  It was so much fun making it, we laughed so hard sometimes we could hardly work on it.   

               Our Silly Scarecrow

I am grateful for new friends and the opportunity to spend time with them getting to know them better.

I hope you have a wonderful evening!

Love, Velvia

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I’m Back Online

Well, after more than a week I’m back online and glad to be here!  Our antivirus software was not up to date and guess what, our computer got a very nasty virus.  Thankfully, a guy that Ashley works with fixes computers, he fixed ours and installed up to date antivirus and spyware software that is supposed to be very effective.  He charged us a super reasonable fee and we are very grateful.  Thanks Donny!!

There is still one kink to be worked out, for some reason everything shows up on the screen slightly blurred, so until we get that fixed I’m a little wary about posting pictures since I’m not sure how they will look on my blog.   Hopefully, Donny will be able to help us find out what’s up with that and soon I’ll be able to post my pictures again.

This past Saturday, Drama Queen and I helped our dear friend Mia with her booth at a local Arts & Crafts fair.  We had so much fun, we laughed, talked, and people watched,  it was a great experience.  I will post pictures when we get the blurriness worked out.   Mama Mia, as she is known to her friends, is Drama Queen’s art teacher and she is wonderful!  DQ just loves her and looks forward to art class every Thursday, Mia makes it fun.  

God has blessed us with Mia and her husband, Rod,  we have been going to church together for the past 2 1/2 years, but just in the last few months He has drawn us together as friends.   We are looking forward to spending more time with them and getting to know them even better.  It’s awesome how God brings people together and builds friendships that stand the test of time. 

Well, I’m off to try and catch up on more of my favorite blogs, I’ve missed reading them while the computer was down.  Have a great night!

Love, Velvia



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A precious blogger friend, Lorie, at Encouragement from My Heart,  has tagged me for a Six Word Memoir meme.  Whenever you get a chance go over to her site and check it out, she writes beautiful, inspirational poetry and has such a heart for God.

Here is my Six Word Memoir: (I changed it just a little and used phrases instead.)

1. Crying – out for mercy

2. Forgiven – by God

3. Grateful – for His blessings

4. Open – to His Will

5. Praying – for wisdom

6. Focused – on heaven

Here are the rules:

1. Write your own six word memoir.

2. Post it on your blog, and include visual illustration if you like.

3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post.

4. Tag five more blogs with links.

5. Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

I am tagging:

Daisy – A Daisy a Day 

Angie – More Sugar Than Spice

Kimmie – Over the Moon with Joy

Sharon – Rose of Sharon

Kim – The Chosen Child

Anyone else who reads this and would like to play along, consider yourself tagged!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Friday!

Love, Velvia

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Once again, God has humbled me and shown me that He has my life in the palm of His hand, even when I cannot see, or feel Him at work.  He showed me this evening that He is working on my behalf, even though I have not been exercising my faith and trusting Him to do just that.

This has been a tough week for Drama Queen and I in our homeschooling.  She has learning difficulties, so we experience our share of ups and downs, but this week it’s been more down than up.  I posted last night that I thought it was due, in part, to spring fever.  The weather is beginning to warm up and we’ve had a couple of  “not a cloud in the sky” days here.  That seemed a reasonable explanation for her lack of focus and concentration that went beyond the norm for her.

Today, however, I lost sight of that possibility and got angry with her for not paying attention when we were learning.   Honestly, after four days of dealing with this I was ready to pull my hair out.   Of course, I apologized to her for losing my cool, but I felt like a bad mom. 

This evening I took her to dance class and was talking to another mom, J., that I have developed a casual friendship with, and found out that she has been experiencing some difficulty with one of her children (who attends public school) this week also.  We were commiserating with one another when another mom, R.,who doesn’t normally stay during dance class, came in and sat down. 

I have to tell you that at first I was a little bummed because it squelched the conversation, as neither J., nor I felt comfortable continuing the conversation we were having.  And here is where God stepped in and opened my eyes to His mysterious and wonderful ways once again.  We struck up a conversation with R., and guess what, she is a homeschooling mom, and one of her children has learning difficulties also!!   

 We chatted and discovered that neither one of us has had any luck getting connected with a homeschool group in our area.  The ones in our county and nearby counties have disbanded for whatever reason, and are no longer active.  I have just begun searching again for a group to get involved with, and right before I left for dance I received an email from a homeschool group 30 miles away. This would be the closest one to us, and great news,  they are indeed a very active group and open to new members.  I promised to bring R. the information next week at dance class. 

I left dance with a lightened heart, knowing God had sent someone my way who knew exactly what I was experiencing and had been through it herself.    I know I am not alone in this venture,  God is with me always, but it’s nice to have other moms to talk to who understand where you’re coming from.  He brought these two women across my path at just the right time for us to encourage each other.  Don’t we serve an Awesome God?

Have a great night!

Love, Velvia

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Let’s Play Tag!

A sweet blogger friend, Sharon, from over at Rose of Sharon has tagged me for my first meme,  Seven Random Things About Me.  So here goes:

1. I am originally from the coast of South Carolina, but I have lived in Georgia since August 1996.  

2. I love the beach and everything about it!  The hot sun, the sand between my toes, the salt water (although I don’t usually go in until the end of May, before then it’s too cold for me), the smell of suntan lotion, and especially the sounds:  children laughing, the waves hitting the shore, etc.

3.  Ashley (Hubby) and I will celebrate our 29th anniversary on February 17th.  We were childhood/high school sweethearts.   We still consider our song from high school to be “our song”,  it’s “How Deep Is Your Love” by the BeeGees. 

4. I love to read.  I read more during the summer because I have more time.   Right now I’m reading “The Case for a Creator” by Lee Stroebel and “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult. (Quite a contrast, I know)

5. I love to scrapbook.  I am so far behind where I’d like to be, I haven’t even started Blue Eyes and Ladybug’s first year scrapbook, and they are 16 and 15 months old.

6. I love to take pictures, I take tons of them.  Ashley and the kids gave me a digital camera for Mother’s Day last year and I love it.  However,  I still have about thirty rolls of undeveloped film in a drawer in my vanity from my old 35mm camera.  Isn’t that ridiculous?  

7. My favorite foods are: chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!

I’m tagging Angela at The Chillemi Weblog .

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