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Summer Memories

One of my favorite memories of my childhood summers is visiting the bookmobile to check out books to read.   Our small town didn’t have a library and the closest one was thirty miles away, so every summer the bookmobile would come every other week and park in front of our neighbor’s house.  This particular neighbor lived in what I guess would be considered the middle of town and we would walk there from our house. 

I remember I always went barefoot during the summer when I was a kid, and walking to the bookmobile was an adventure.   The sand was always so hot, and inevitably I would step on a sand spur on the way there, but once I got to the bookmobile and stepped up inside, the cool tile floor felt so good to my feet.  We didn’t have air conditioning in our home when I was young, not many people we knew did back then, so it was a real treat to go inside the bookmobile and feel the cold air blowing on me.

I’ve always loved to read, so I would check out the maximum number of books allowed and read them all (most of them twice) before the bookmobile came again.  I couldn’t wait to go on adventures with Nancy Drew, step through the wardrobe with the children in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and learn about the life of migrant workers through the story of Strawberry Girl. 

The wonderful memories of summer reading have stayed with me throughout my life, and there is still something very special about visiting the library on a hot summer’s day to check out books to enjoy.  During the school year I’m busy reading, studying, and researching topics for homeschooling, so summer is my time to relax with a good book and read just for me.

I’d love to hear about your special summer memories, you can leave me a comment and/or a link to your blog if you’ve written a similar post!

Have a great night!

Love, Velvia


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Although it is actually Thursday, I’m posting about our fun filled Wednesdays, that’s the day we spend with Beth, Spiderman, and Ladybug each week.  They come over around lunchtime and we have lunch together, play with the little guys, then the munchkins go down for their naps, and Beth, Drama Queen, and I hang out until they wake up.  When Spiderman and Ladybug get up from their naps we go out to play (if it’s not too hot) and then we all have dinner together in the evening after Ashley and Phillip get off from work.   We spend the rest of the evening together until it’s time for Phillip and Beth to take Spiderman and Ladybug home for their bedtime.

This is the highlight of the week for Ashley and me, spending quality time together as a family. The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is not having Natalie, Joey, Cupcake, and Blue Eyes here too. But, the Lord is using them in N.C. to minister to the girls in their care, so we have to be unselfish and just enjoy them when they are able to come down. 

I took some really cute pictures of Spiderman and Ladybug yesterday, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you.  They are such a delight to be with,   they are both at such adorable ages and they say and do the cutest things, but I’m their Nana so I suppose I’m just a little bit partial.

                  Cutie Pies

                Enjoying a good book     

             Snuggling after bathtime

I look forward to our Wednesdays together, the little ones are growing so quickly and I want to treasure every moment with them that I can. 

Side Note:  I wanted to share another of my summer projects that I’ve finished.  We made these plaster handprints of all the grandkids back in April, and I finally got around to painting them and hanging them in the nursery. (I guess I should start referring to it as the grandkids room instead of the nursery since they really aren’t little babies anymore.)   I think they turned out really cute, I wrote the date on the back so I’ll always remember what their little hands looked like at these ages. 

Spiderman, Cupcake, Blue Eyes, and Ladybug’s handprints

I hope you have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend!

Love, Velvia

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about God’s plan for my life at this point in time, it seems as if He has me in a holding pattern for the time being.  I used to think that I always had to be actively pursuing His plan and purpose for my life, that somehow it was my job to make things happen.  But, I’ve learned this isn’t the case, I just have to be obedient and follow His leading. 

My favorite scripture verse is Jeremiah 29:11, ” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (NIV version)   This verse gives me such peace, to know that my Heavenly Father is in control of my life and I don’t have to be.   

 I remember when I first learned this verse years ago, I assumed it meant that God had my life all mapped out and it would be smooth sailing, with everything falling into place according to His plan.   I found out the hard way that my journey has many twists and turns, and what seem to me to be unexpected detours, but my Heavenly Father knows exactly what’s around every bend in the road.  There are no surprises for Him!

So, while I wait on Him to reveal the next step in my journey, I will find the joy in today.  I’ll rejoice in the small, everyday blessings that He brings my way.  I will find the joy in my journey!

Have a great night!

Love, Velvia

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I find it hard to blog lately,  I’ve been enjoying the relaxed, unhurried days of summer.  Not having to do lesson plans, research, or studying for homeschooling, and being able to read books just for fun when we go to the pool or in the evenings after dinner has made me lazy when it comes to blogging.  Not that I don’t enjoy it, I do, but there are so many other things I want to do instead.  This cute image was on my Mary Engelbreit calendar a few days ago and it fits perfectly with my summer state of mind.  I had to scan it on my computer so the image in a little fuzzy, but you get the idea. 

I’ve been trying to get some projects done that I haven’t had time to get to before, I made a couple of wreaths and a picture frame from shells that I’ve collected over the years.  I had a huge bag of shells that I wanted to do something with so I filled a hurricane jar with some for my kitchen table, and then made a wreath for my kitchen and bathroom, and a picture frame that I put on the antique sideboard in my dining room.  I was very pleased with the results because it reminds me of the beach which I love, and makes me feel summery (is that actually a word?) every time I look a them. 

This frame took quite a while to make because it was trial and error, but I finally finished it.  I found a wooden frame at the thrift store for fifty cents, sanded it down, and painted it with off white acrylic paint mixed with sandbox sand.  I let it dry overnight, then painted it again with the off white paint and sprinkled sand all over it while the paint was still dry.  When it was completely dry, I glued the seashells on and sprayed it with hairspray (that’s all I had on hand) to keep the sand intact.  I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

These are the wreaths I made, the top one is smaller although you can’t really tell from the pictures, and it hangs in my kitchen.  The bottom one I hung in my bathroom.  These wreaths make me smile every time I look at them, because they evoke great memories from trips to the beach.  I really enjoy doing these kinds of crafts, although I’m not very creative, it’s still a lot of fun.

Well, I’m going to indulge in one of my favorite pasttimes, reading, before I turn in for the night.  I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Velvia

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I want to wish a Happy Birthday to two very special people, my precious Mom and our good friend Rod,  they are both 75 years old this week.  Since my mom lives five hours away I was unable to be with her for this momentous occasion, seventy five years of a good life is truly reason to celebrate, and I would have loved to have been with her on her birthday.  But, with gas prices so exorbitant I just had to settle for a phone call.

                Happy Birthday Mom!       

We were able, however, to spend an evening with our friends Rod and Mia, they came over for dinner last night and we celebrated Rod’s birthday.   God brought Rod and Mia into our lives and we’re so grateful, they are the sweetest, kindest people you’d ever want to meet.  We feel so blessed to call them our friends,  Rod is quiet and introspective, and Mia is full of life and very outgoing, they complement each other perfectly.  We enjoyed sharing a meal and fellowship with them, and look forward to spending more time with them in the future.

Rod getting ready to blow out his candle

                             Mia and Rod

Last Thursday when we went over for Drama Queen’s art class with Mia,  we worked on a scarecrow that Mia had been asked to make for a nearby town’s Fall Festival in September.  The town has been sponsoring a scarecrow making contest for the past couple of years and this year they are attempting to break the world record for the most scarecrows in one place at the same time.  The current record is 3,311 and the town’s goal is 4,000,  if they break the record they will be in the Guinness Book of World Records.  We spent about three hours on it,  you can see how creative Mia is, I think it came out really cute.  It was so much fun making it, we laughed so hard sometimes we could hardly work on it.   

               Our Silly Scarecrow

I am grateful for new friends and the opportunity to spend time with them getting to know them better.

I hope you have a wonderful evening!

Love, Velvia

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Our precious little Ladybug fell Wednesday night while they were over at our house for dinner, she hit her eye on our coffee table and the poor little thing ended up with a black eye!  Talk about breaking your heart, we were all traumatized, praise God it wasn’t any worse and she is going to be fine.  But, it’s so sad to see her sweet little face with her eye all black and blue.  Beth emailed me this picture yesterday,  you can see how pitiful she looks below, but she’s such a trouper it hasn’t slowed her down a bit.

                Ladybug’s Boo Boo

Ashley was off today, so we took Drama Queen, Spiderman, and Ladybug to Chuckie Cheese’s for a couple of hours of fun.  We all had a blast, the kids played games and rode the little rides, and we had lunch.  They were so excited to be there, as soon as we arrived Ladybug had to get down and dance, and Spiderman couldn’t wait to play the games, he’s getting quite good at them.  Phillip, Beth, and the little ones are leaving for the beach tomorrow and will be gone for a week, so we enjoyed the time spent with the grandbabies before they leave for vacation.

   Spiderman and Chuckie Cheese

                   I bopped it!


       Ladybug, the Dancing Queen!

Watch out Jeff Gordon, Drama Queen’s behind the wheel!

Even though Drama Queen is growing up, she still enjoys going to Chuckie Cheese’s.  In fact, it was her idea.  She loves getting the tickets from the games and getting a prize with them.  I love it that she still has a lot of little girl left in her, I don’t want her growing up too fast! 

My favorite pasttime is spending time with my family, and today was so much fun,  I feel so blessed!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Velvia

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Family Togetherness

 We were blessed with a quick visit from Natalie, Joey, Cupcake, and Blue Eyes on Monday, they were only able to stay overnight and then had to head back to N.C. Tuesday morning, but we had a great family visit.   Phillip, Beth, Spiderman, and Lola came over Monday evening and we all had dinner together and a wonderful time as a family. 








                       Cupcake and Spiderman   

They are getting so big, I can’t believe how quickly they’ve grown, just looking at this picture and seeing how tall they’ve gotten amazes me.  Cupcake and Spiderman are always so glad to see each other when we get together, they really miss each other in between visits.  Spiderman turned to me at the dinner table and said ” I’ve really missed Cupcake”.   It was so precious, it blesses my heart that they are so close and I pray it will always be that way. 








                         Blue Eyes and Ladybug

These two little munchkins are so adorable, they had the best time coloring and riding Thomas the Train, they are just too cute for words.  It’s hard to believe that in just a few short months they will be turning two years old.  Where does the time go?  Sometimes, I wish I could make time stand still in order to enjoy them being little for a while longer, but time marches on, I just have to enjoy every minute that I have with them.

I tried to post more pictures, but there’s something going on with the way my photos post here on WordPress.  I tried last night for about an hour to figure it out with no luck, so I guess I’ll have to email WordPress Support to find out what’s going on.  I’m just thankful that I was able to get these pictures to post correctly.  

Have a great night!

Love, Velvia

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