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Yesterday, I came home from church, had lunch, and then as usual I sat down at the computer to work on lesson plans, do research, and study for this week’s homeschooling.  I found a great website that had the information I was looking for, printed it off, and then proceeded to another site.  While I was waiting for the site to download (DSL is not available where we live), I was reviewing the stuff I had already printed off and realized that I had inadvertently missed a page that I needed. 

When I finished with the site I was on, I typed in the address of the website I needed to go back to.  It didn’t come up except as a group of other sites, so I tried again and the same thing happened.  After the third try and getting the same results, I decided to try one of the groupings of sites to see if I could get to the website I needed.  I looked carefully at the names of the sites, chose the one that looked the most harmless and clicked on. 

As I waited for it to download I was reading over some of the things I had printed off and when I looked up, lo and behold, there were very inappropriate pictures on my computer screen.  Needless to say, I clicked away as fast as I could.   I sat there in disbelief, this had never happened to me before.  I have heard all kinds of stories about this sort of thing occurring, but I have tried to be very careful, and had not experienced this.  Granted, it could have been much worse, it was mild compared to some things I’ve heard about from other people, but I was still shocked and dismayed.

Whatever happened to decency?!!  I don’t understand how we have allowed our society to become so perverted that this sort of thing is now prevalent on television, in movies, and on the Internet.  Who are the people that perpetrate such garbage, and why do these young women degrade themselves like that?  I’m sure money is probably one of the main reasons, if not the number one reason.

My heart is broken over these precious lives that are being ruined.   Whether they chose this life for themselves or not, they are God’s creation and He certainly did not intend for them to be exploited like that!  These women are someone’s daughters and granddaughters, sisters, and friends.  They are of value to Him and to those that love them.

I know that I can’t do much about the condition of our world as a whole, but I can do something to change my corner of the world.  I can pray and be open to whatever God has for me to do.  Maybe God allowed this to happen as a wake up call for me, it’s very easy to get caught up in daily life and become complacent about the condition of the world around me. 

 I live a fairly sheltered life by choice because I don’t want to be exposed to such things, but I don’t want to stick my head in the sand and miss opportunities to minister to those that are lost and hurting when God brings them my way.  I want to be open to whatever God has for me to do, to paraphrase Samuel – Speak, Lord, I’m listening!


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Mistletoe, the Wonder Dog



I’m going to make a confession here that may get me booed out of the blogosphere by animal lovers, but I am not a pet person.  I mean,  I like them well enough, but I can take them or leave them, with the exception of one very special doggie named Mistletoe, a.k.a. Missy. 

Our Westie, Missy, is going on 16 years old, we got her the Christmas that Natalie was 12 and Phillip was 10.  She was their main present that year, and she has been a loyal member of our family ever since.

I’ll never forget going to the pet store with the kids, we really just stopped in to look, not really intending to buy a pet, but when we saw Missy and played with her, we were smitten.  The store owner took her out of her kennel so we could hold her and play with her, then she grabbed the rubber doorstop in her mouth and took off running around the store.  It was hilarious, and we knew right then that she belonged in our family.


 Natalie, Phillip, and Mistletoe (the day we brought her home)

She is an old girl now, she has difficulty seeing and hearing, and she doesn’t get around like she used to.  Although she still has her frisky moments occasionally, especially after a bath,  she spends the majority of her days sleeping in her favorite spots around the house.

She has been a part of our lives for so long that we can’t remember life without her, and we dread the day when she will no longer be with us.  I know it’s wishful thinking given her age, but I hope she will be around for quite a while longer.

I hope you have a great Friday, and an awesome weekend!

Love, Velvia

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A Joyful Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Easter celebration together as a family.  After church, Phillip, Beth, Spiderman, and Ladybug, as well as my sister Debbie, her son Michael, and his son Little Man came over for lunch and an egg hunt.  It was a wonderful afternoon, the weather was a little chilly and windy, but it was still sunny and beautiful. 

The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Natalie, Joey, Cupcake, and Blue Eyes could have been here.  They were unable to come down, but Natalie emailed us pictures of Cupcake and Blue Eyes hunting eggs with the children of the other houseparents and she called us that afternoon, so it wasn’t too sad.


Phillip, Beth, Spiderman, and Ladybug (Don’t they look beautiful?)


Ashley and Drama Queen ( it’s a little fuzzy, my camera was acting up)


My sister Debbie and me ( it was great to spend time with her) 


Little Man and Spiderman (getting ready to get the loot out of their eggs)


Cupcake and Blue Eyes (at their egg hunt at their new home)


Drama Queen and Michael (he actually posed for a picture!)

We’re so blessed, God has been so good to us as a family.  I am thankful for every chance we have to spend time together.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Love, Velvia 

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Happy Easter!


I pray your Easter is filled with worship, love, and joy as we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior!

Love, Velvia

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I wanted to share this photo of my sisters and me from my first Easter.  The color is a little off, but then the photo is rather old (although I’m not!) so I guess it’s to be expected.  I just love this picture, I think my sisters look adorable in their Easter dresses and cute little hats.  Only my sister Melanie has her little white gloves on, but I’m sure Holly (on the left), and Debbie (on the right), put theirs on before leaving for church.  I’m the chubby cheeked baby in Debbie’s lap.

I’m so thankful for my family and for the godly heritage my parents passed on to us.  Though we certainly didn’t have a perfect family,  we were raised to understand the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

With tomorrow being Good Friday, I want to make sure that I take time out to reflect on the sacrifice He made for us.  There are so many fun traditions to enjoy over this Easter weekend as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, but I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that Jesus chose to suffer and die in my place.  I am amazed that He loves us so much that He would go through such terrible suffering, and ultimately give His life, who could ever love us more than that? 

Have a blessed Good Friday!

Love, Velvia

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Easter has always been a favorite holiday of mine.  When I was a child I looked forward to Easter morning and the candy that awaited me when I awoke, I couldn’t wait to see what was in my Easter basket.  I never liked the marshmallow chicks and bunnies that are still very popular today, although they are very cute, my favorite thing in my basket was always the chocolate bunny.  

I loved getting dressed and going to church, back then we wore hats and little white gloves with our Easter dresses,  and then we came home to a delicious dinner my mom had fixed for us.  We always had a homemade coconut cake, that Mom had decorated with colorful jelly beans, for dessert.  After lunch we would have an egg hunt with the Easter eggs we had dyed the day before.

These memories are still very precious to me because they speak to my heart of my family and tradition, but even more precious to me is the true meaning of Easter.  The death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Without His sacrifice I would be lost, living a life that had no meaning.  

Because of His love and sacrifice, I have forgiveness of my sins, purpose for my life, and blessings beyond measure.  I have failed Him more times than I care to remember, but He has always been faithful to me, regardless of my shortcomings, and has helped me to begin again.  His mercies are new every morning!

I am so grateful to God for sending His only Son to die in my place, that I might have eternal life through Him.  I pray that He will help me to live my life everyday to glorify Him.

I pray the rest of your week is awesome!

Love, Velvia   

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I’m Back!

It seems to me as if I’ve been away from blogging for quite a while, but actually it’s only been a week.  We went to visit Natalie, Joey, Cupcake, and Blue Eyes this past week for a few days, and I’ve been so busy since we got back I haven’t had a chance to blog. 

I really should be finishing work on my lesson plans and my research for this week in homeschool, but my brain is tired, I’ve been at it for the past three hours ever since we came home from church and had lunch.  So, I decided to take a break and write a post.

We had a wonderful visit with the kids, the cabin where they live is warm and cozy and has a gorgeous view.   Below is a picture of all of us on their deck. 


 We got to meet and spend some time with the eight girls in their care, it was wonderful to see Natalie and Joey interacting with them.  You can tell the girls really love and respect Natalie and Joey, and God is using them to impact these girls’ lives.  We are so proud of them, they are following God’s call on their lives,  giving of themselves sacrificially in order to be obedient to Him. 

We enjoyed spending some one on one time with Cupcake and Blue Eyes while we were there.  Natalie and Joey had a staff meeting one morning so we took the kids to the park.  It was a lot of fun, even though Drama Queen is becoming quite a young lady, she still enjoys the park.  

We miss them so much,  it was great to spend some time with them and see them in action.  It does make it easier knowing they are truly happy and in the center of God’s will.  I have to confess though,  I can’t wait until the next visit!

Well back to work, I’ve got to finish up preparing for homeschool this week.  I’ll be stopping by this week to catch up with everyone’s blogs.  I hope you have a great Sunday night and a wonderful week this week!

God Bless!


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